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Pass and Review 08-09

Thursday, on December 11th Greenville NJROTC conducted their Pass and Review along with the Change in Command from C/LCDR Adkins to C/LCDR Melling. Our Inspecting officer of the day was Major Jamieson from the US. Army. At the beginning of the day every cadet fell into three platoons commanded by C/LTJG Giessemen in ALPHA, C/PO1 Vannoy in BRAVO, and C/LTJG Valentine in CHARLIE. Once in platoons each and every cadet was individually inspected on military bearing, personal appearance, and naval knowledge. Upon completion of inspection each platoon was brought up to the stage to get individual pictures, for later purchase by Schmidt Photography, and then were dismissed for chow via platoon. Once finished and formed in platoons on the drill deck each commander reported in and conducted platoon drill. Once all platoons were done and had reported out C/LCDR Adkins handed his command over to C/LCDR Melling by passing the ALPHA Guidon presented by the Command Master Chief C/MCPO Johnston. Afterwards C/LCDR Melling gave the command to Parade the Colors, then each platoon marched counter-clock wise around the deck saluting the former and current CO and then giving the command fallout each platoon exited the gym.

NJROTC Cadets help Cub Scouts

Monday the 1st two cadets helped young cub scouts how to properly fold and hold the American flag. They also showed them how to march with the flags as a color guard. And as they were done the kids got to ask about what the NJROTC uniform meant and about their ribbons and medals.

Central Crossing Drill Meet 2008

Saturday, a some of 30 cadets participated in Central Crossing's Annual Drill Meet. We participated in the Armed and Unarmed IDR drill, Inspection, Colorguard, Exhibition Squad, Marksmanship, PT, Academics, and Armed and Unarmed Knockout. We left GHS at 0445 in the morning and boarded the school bus packed with riffles, flags, and everything needed for the competition. After a two hour long drive we arrived and unpacked with only 45 minutes to spare to get ready to compete in unarmed drill. In the end we ended up bringing home 4th place in Unarmed Knockout award to cadet Valentine.

Upcoming Events

Game Night
Apr 29, 2019 at 1500-1630
Food Bank
May 06, 2019 at 1745-2000
Spring Orienteering Grant Park
May 12, 2019 at 1045-1500
Fish Fry
Jan 18, 2019 at 1630-1945
Mar 26, 2019 at 1745-2000

Varsity Teams

  • Unarmed IDR Drill Team
  • Armed IDR Drill Team
  • Colorguard Team
  • Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team
  • Armed Exhibition Drill Team
  • Marksmanship Team
  • Physical Training Team
  • Academic Team
  • Orienteering Team


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