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Recent News

Marksmanship Gathering in Piqua, May 9th

On Saturday we took 6 cadets for a marksmanship get-together with kenton JROTC and Piqua JROTC. All wen't well as all the cadets had a real good time as well as they had a little competitive attitude. Afterwards all gathered and ate hamburgers and hotdogs as well as the instructor from Kenton allowed Piqua and ourselves to try to shoot a Co2 precision riffle.

Air Force Museum Trip, April 29th

On Wednesday almost our entire unit, 72 cadets, took part in going to visit the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum. The visit included seeing actual WWI, WWII, Cold War, Vietnam, and current airplanes up close along with a full scale replica of the Wright Brothers original glider. Other than seeing an assortment of different planes they were able to see ICBM's or Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles such as the Titan I and II. Also in the missile and space gallery was the Apollo 15 Command Module, rocket engines, and the Mercury and Gemini capsules. The cadets were also able to see the National Aviation Hall of Fame and the Hall of Honor. Despite the rain, every cadet seemed to love the experience of seeing everything the museum had to offer.

13th Annual Navy Ball, April 18th

This years Navy Ball was held for the second year at the Elks Lodge in Greenville Ohio on 4th Street. On Thursday and Friday we were fortunate enough to have a large number of cadets and parents come to help organize, set-up and plan everything for Saturday. Upon arrival, each cadet and their date were to walk through the sword arch and take a seat until the ceremony had began. To begin the ceremony Cadet Patrick Lockhart read the origin and meaning behind the Navy Ball traditions and customs. Following his speech was Cadet Jeremy Geissemen announcing trophies and accomplishments made by cadets in the current year and Cadet Tyler Kissinger explained the importance of the P.O.W. table. After the prayer led by Cadet Dustin Frederick everybody was able to enjoy the outstanding dinner provided by the Elks Ledge and watch the cutting of the cake done by the youngest and oldest cadet currently enrolled in the program. Afterwards the males were able to loose their jackets and the ladies kicked off their shoes and were let loose onto the dance floor with DJ Opie providing music.

We will also like to thank guests Sergeant Baker, Mr. Mortenson, and Mr. Parmesan for being able to attend our Navy Ball.

Great Lakes Naval Base Trip

Tuesday, March 24th, Twelve NJROTC cadets took a trip up to Great Lakes Naval Base in Chicago Illinois. Wednesday, their tour included everything that it takes to become a U.S. Sailor from receiving medical all the way to Battle Stations and the receiving of their Navy ball caps. The twelve cadets were able to view wind turbine engines that power and run a ship and they were able to shoot a 9mm, 240cal, 500cal simulators. Thursday consisted of a visit to the near by Navy Pier. Then, Friday, they were able to watch a Naval graduation conducted by a Major General.

Miami Valley Jr. O Champs 2009

Congratulations to the Orienteering team of David Pepple and Claude Martinho for finishing first in the rookie team division on Saturday 21, 2009. Six cadets participated in the Junior Champs consisting of three teams, two in rookie division and one in varsity division. David, a Junior, and Claude, a Freshmen, finished their given course with a time of 1:39:48. For more information and more results you may visit The Miami Valley Orienteering Club's website under the results page.

Area 3 Drill Meet 2009

Friday, March 13th, 2009, 16 of Greenville's NJROTC cadets left for Central Crossing High School in Grove City Ohio for Academic testing and Physical Fitness competition. The Academic testing consisted of an assortment of questions from the NSI, NSII, NS11 text books and the cadet field manual. Leading the Greenville academic team was cadet Tim Bowers who took 6th in the top academic score. Leading the Physical Fitness team with 136 curl ups was again cadet Tim Bowers. Saturday 14th, 2009, we competed in the Unarmed Drill, Armed Drill, Military Inspection, Colorguard, Unarmed Knockout, and Armed Knockout. Leading the unit was cadet Jeremy Giesseman taking 10th place in Armed individual Knockout.

Valentine Hunt 2009

On Febuary the 14th, 10 NJROTC cadets participated in the Miami Valley Orienteering Club's Valentine Hunt. There were three teams running on the much easier White course, one team on a more advanced Yellow course, and one team on a much advanced Orange course. All teams fineshed under a specific time of two hours.

Grove City Drill Meet 2009

Saturday, January 21st, 2009. Around 25 cadets participated and 22 cadets departed to Grove City Ohio's Drill Competition. Commanding the Unarmed Drill, Armed Drill, and Military Inspection was C/LTJG Jeremy Giessemen along with C/CPO Bowers commanding the Colorguard and C/ENS Adem Long leading the Academic Team. Greenville ended with winner the spirit award.

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Jan 18, 2019 at 1630-1945
Mar 26, 2019 at 1745-2000

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