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Recent News

Pumpkin-O, Sunday 18th

Sunday, a beautiful sunny day, a total of 18 cadets participated in our Pumpkin-O orienteering meet held by the MVOC. For our second orienteering meet, just about every team made it in by their respected times with the exception of two. All went great with the upperclassman still showing the freshmen, or new orienteers, how to properly use the compasses and read the maps accurately. Everybody had a great time and had an awesome experience with land navigation!

Northmont Drill Meet, Saturday 17th

On Saturday, our finest drillers and a few inspiring freshman competed at Northmont High School for the first of the year Drill Meet. The first thing of the day was the military inspection which we ended with a 12th place out of 16 schools. Following the inspection was Armed IDR drill. This was one of many strong points we had through out the day. Lead by commander Dustin Frederick, the team took a 3rd place out of 16! As for the Unarmed IDR drill, which was lead by commander Chelsea Buzard, took an overall 6th out of the total 16 schools. And for our Color Guard, which was lead by commander Jessica Bowers, we took an outstanding 2nd place! For our postals, the Marksmanship team lead by commander Justin Nickell took a 4th place, Academic team lead by commander Adem Long took a 3rd place, and our Athletic team lead by commander Chris Fenstermaker took home the gold with an overall 1st place!

We took 5th place out of the 16 participating schools! We would like to thank everybody who came and supported everyone who participated in any event. Our next drill meet will be October 31st for the NS1 students at Piqua, then our varsity will compete on November 11th at Ebbert High School Indiana!

Change of Command, October 8th

The Change of Command was handed down from former commanding officer cadet Lockhart to cadet Geissemen. We would like to say thank you to Lockhart for serving his term as the commanding officer and we are looking forward to see cadet Geissemen as another successful commander. Also, following the units new CO, the new executive officer will be taken over by cadet Valentine until the next change of command will commence.

September 11th Memorial

Today we commemorate those who lost the ones they love in the September Terrorist attacks in 2001. At the Junior High School, our NJROTC cadets rose the flag and performed a silent drill exhibition routine for the students of the GJHS. The Greenville Fire Department displayed a flag hanging from the ladder of one of their trucks for the commemoration.

First week of the new school year!

Welcome back all returning Naval Science students! We will like to thank all NS1 students for joining our program, we hope that you will enjoy being a part of NJROTC and that you stay with us until your high school graduation! We will also like to say that we are missing all of our graduated cadets from the previous year. We are looking forward to this new year of NJROTC, we have a few new activities including a new Drill Meet at Hamilton High School for the NS1 and NS2 classes. Also we will be attending Hamilton High School's Athletic Meet. Our first objective will be Northmont High School Drill Meet on October 17th.

Welcome back BLT and LA graduates!

On June 14th - 20th, cadet Valentine and cadet Buzard were eligible to attend the Area 3 Leadership Academy at Great Lakes Naval Base. The Leadership Academy included an assortment of tasks from learning how to sail, becoming physically fit and healthly, military discipline, rafting races, proper etiquette training, and the basic laws of flight.

On June 21st - 26th, cadet Ramsey, cadet Smith, cadet Jones, cadet Bowers, cadet Bryson and cadet Kissinger were eligible to attend the Area 3 (East) Basic Leadership Training at Camp Perry in Port Clinton OH. The cadets learned basic leadership skills such as commanding a platoon, rafting races, basic orienteering courses, marksmanship, and many other basic ROTC skills. Upon graduating, cadet Ramsey was awarded second place team orienteering with his team "The Twinkies". You can view the pictures in the "photo gallery" under BLT / Leadership

Memorial Day Parade, May 25th

To honor and remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom we paraded the colors and marched a full platoon of armed drill. With a total of 17 cadets participating, the colorguard was commanded by cadet Jessica Bowers and the armed drill platoon commanded by cadet Dustin Frederick. We will also like to thank everyone who participated and made this all happen and I would like to thank all who is or has served in the armed forces, and we would like for you to thank a soldier or veteran as well.

Underclassmen Awards, May 14th

During the Underclassmen Award Ceremony today in the large gym, 13 cadets were recognized for their leadership, dedication, aptitude, and military discipline. First off were the two first-year cadets cadet Noel Bryson, awarded the Stephan Decatur Award, and cadet Ben Mendenhall. Next was cadet Tyler Kissinger and cadet Chris Fenstermaker, awarded the Reserve Officer Association Medal. Other awards were to cadet Dustin Frederick, cadet Chelsea Buzard (Daughters of the American Revolution Medal), cadet Jessica Bowers (American Legion Military Excellence Medal), cadet Maggie Pepple (American Legion Scholastic Excellence Medal), cadet Justin Nickell (American Veterans of WWII, Korea & Vietnam Medal), cadet Adem Long (Military Officers Association of America Medal), cadet James Valentine (Sons of the American Revolution Medal), cadet Patrick Lockhart (Navy League Medal), and cadet Jeremy Geissemen (Military Order of the Purple Heart Medal).

Also, new staff photos have been taken of everybody with their new medals and end-of-the-year awards. You can view these new photos under the "Chain of Command" tab on the top of the page!

Greenville NJROTC Unit has won the Unit Achievement Award for the second year in a row! I would like to say Thank You! to every cadet for contributing in our Unit Achievement Award.

Commanding Officer cadet Patrick Lockhart and Executive Officer cadet Jeremy Geissemen display our Unit Achievement Award

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Food Bank
May 06, 2019 at 1745-2000
Spring Orienteering Grant Park
May 12, 2019 at 1045-1500
Fish Fry
Jan 18, 2019 at 1630-1945
Mar 26, 2019 at 1745-2000

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