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Greenville Places at Area 3 Meet

Congratulations on the Physical Fitness team, commanded by cadet Chris Fenstermaker, and Armed IDR Drill team, commanded by cadet Dustin Frederick, for both bringing home a 5th place trophy, out of 22 schools, from our annual Area 3 (east) drill meet! We would also would like to congratulate cadet Joey Adams for placing 6th in Armed Knockout, cadet James Valentine for placing 7th in Unarmed Knockout, and cadet Ramsey for placing 1st in Unarmed Knockout!

We will also like to congrtulate our Colorgaurd team for placing 6th, Unarmed Exhibition for placing 6th, Academic team for placing 8th, Unarmed IDR Drill for placing 6th, and our Personel Inspection for placing 9th! Thank you for all of the cadets for making this the highest placement that we have gotten at the Area 3 Drill meet!

Pass and Review 2010

Thursday, March 11th, the Greenville NJROTC unit hosted their annual Change in Command and Pass and Review. We welcome the visit of our Area 3 Manager Commander George Clifford along with honored guest Superintendent Ms. Susie Riegle. The cadets were formed up in the main gym into four different platoons lead by cadet Buzard (Alpha Platoon), cadet Frederick (Bravo Platoon), cadet Green (Charlie Platoon), and cadet Mendenhall (Delta Platoon). After getting into formation, Commander George Clifford inspected the ranks of every cadet by personal appearance and military knowledge. After the inspection the cadet were released to get their pictures taken and get afternoon chow or military lunch. Commander Clifford then attended the executive staff meeting were they executive staff members presented a power point about the units achievements and goals, along with personal achievements and goals.  After chow, the cadets were then organized into four drill platoons to perform the basic drill movements for Commander George Clifford. The cadet Command Master Chief, cadet Kissinger, delivered Alpha platoons guidon for the change in command from cadet Jeremy Giessemen to cadet James Valentine. We would like to congratulate the cadets who obtained a perfect score of circle ten on the military inspection; cadet Tyler Neff: NS1, cadet William Compton: NS1, cadet Chad Denman: NS1, cadet Sharon Kissinger: NS2, cadet Adams: NS1, cadet Mendenhall: NS2, cadet Simons: NS3, cadet Elizabeth Trepanier: NS1, cadet Jessica Jones: NS2, cadet Chelsea Buzard: NS3 2nd award, cadet Patrick Lockhart: NS4 2nd award. More names will be posted soon. We will also like to congratulate cadet James Valentine for earning the Cadet Achievement Award for superior performance of duties as the Public Affairs Officer.  

We would like to thank all of the parents, guests, and former cadets for attending our annual Pass and Review. We would also like to congratulate every cadet for making this years Pass and Review, by far, the best review we have ever had!

Parris Island Mini Boot Camp

March 1st through the 5th, twelve NJROTC cadet attended the Marine Corps Mini Boot camp at Parris island South Carolina. Following a 13 hour car ride to the island, the cadets met their drill instructor for the week and were ordered to make their racks and store their belongings in small footlockers. On day 2, the cadets went to the track for early morning physical fitness. Afterwards, they visited the Marine Corps Museum which told the entire history of the United States Marine Corp since it's creation in 1775 along with a lesson in Corps Values and fundamental drill critiques. On day 3, the cadets repelled down a 75 foot repelling wall with a MCJROTC unit. After repelling, the cadets were paired into teams of 10 and were given certain tasks to do that required a lot of physical as well as mental strength. On day 4, the cadets were joined with Dreher NJROTC to shoot at  the M16 Simulator. The cadets then went to the Confidence Course which is a series of tasks that tests the confidence that you have with yourself. The cadets then went to obstacle course and the Marine Corps recruiting station were the famous yellow footprints are at. On day 5 the cadet packed their bags and attended the Marine Graduation of company K.

We would like to thank the NJROTC Boosters for making this trip possible! Along with every cadet who participated in the fund raisers!

Area 3 Air Riffle Competition 2010

On December 5th, the varsity and junior varsity marksmanship teams consisting of 8 cadets traveled to Camp Perry in Port Clinton, Ohio for the annual Area 3 Shoulder to Shoulder Air Riffle Competition hosted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Leading the varsity team was cadet Valentine along with cadet Long leading the junior varsity team. This was the first time that this competition has been held at the CMP range at Camp Perry, previously it has been held at the Ohio State ROTC shooting range. Also, some cadets were able to experience the new electronic target system that the CMP has set up at the new range. This was a great experience for each cadet including two new freshman.

Top shooter for Greenville was James Valentine shooting a score of 460 out a possible 600 placing 6th individually out of 72 shooters and the Varsity Marksmanship team placed 3rd in the knealing position!

Ebbert Drill Challenge, Saturday 14th

On Saturday the 14th, 41 of our cadets came to support our varsity teams compete at the Wigwam Complex in Anderson, Indiana. Out of the eight scheduled teams that competed our Color Guard, commanded by cadet Bowers, took a consecutive second place! The Unarmed Drill team commanded by cadet Buzard and the Military Inspection commanded by cadet Giesseman both took a third place. The academic team commanded by cadet Long took a fourth place. Also, for individual drill, cadet Valentine took an impressive 1st place in Unarmed Knockout! We would like to thank everybody who showed up and participated in the Ebbert Drill Challenge.

Veterans Day

Today we would like to thank every man and woman who are currently or have served in the armed forces. Our NJROTC varsity and junior varsity Color Guard marched in the Veterans Day Parade to pay respects to the men and woman who protect our country.

NS1 Piqua Drill Meet 2009

Congratulations to the NJROTC Naval Science One Drill team for their performance at the Annual Piqua Relay for Life Drill competition last Saturday 31 Oct. Among the Twelve teams from Ohio Illinois and Indiana competing, Greenville's Unarmed Squad led by Commander Colten Forte and Unarmed Platoon Commanded by Ben Green received 3rd Place trophies. Greenville's Color Guard Commanded by Joey Adams received a 4th Place Trophy. Greenville's Drill Team Received a 4th Place Trophy in the overall competition. Congratulations again to the NJROTC First Year cadets.

Post from High Five for Wave Pride Blog

Humvee Experience, Thursday 22nd

Thanks to the Ohio National Guard, Sergeant Baker had parked two different Humvees outside the high school across from the flag pole. He talked to each class about each little safety precaution that was needed to clear the Humvee for travel, about how eco-friendly that the Humvees were and let whoever wanted to get to jump in and get a feel of sitting inside a military vehicle. Sergeant Baker also showed each class a video about the Humvee and why they are the primary vehicle being used in the war on Iraq.

Everybody stayed enthused and loved the Humvee experience! We will also like to thank Sergeant Baker and the National Guard for letting our cadets get the opportunity to see what we are using to protect our country.

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