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Color Guard Cincinnati Reds

On Wednesday, the eighteenth of May, the Cincinnati Reds hosted a home game against the Cleveland Indians. Presenting the Colors for the game were cadet C/LTjg Caleb Baker, C/LTjg Megan Foster, C/LTjg Tani Mancillas, C/ENS Airrika Westfall, and C/MCPO Kelsey Gilbert.


We would like to congratulate this group of color guard members on a job well done presenting the American flag; C/LTjg Baker, the Ohio State flag; C/ENS Westfall, the Navy flag: LTjg Foster and presenting rifles C/LTjg Mancillas (right rifle) and C/MCPO Gilbert (left rifle).  Sadly, the end of the game revealed a loss for the Reds in a 12 inning game. The final score was Cleveland 8 and Cincinnati 7.   This was the first time the Greenville NJROTC Cadets has presented the Colors for the Reds.  

NRA Grant

The Greenville High School NJROTC received over $1,300 in Air Rifle equipment and Accessories from an NRA Grant.  This is the first year that the unit has applied for and received a grant from the NRA.  All equipment obtain thru the grant will be new to the Marksmanship team.  This will help the team greatly when practicing and hopefully for future matches.  

Color Guard Dayton Dragons

On Thursday, the fourteenth of April, the Dayton Dragons hosted a home game against West Michigan White Caps. Presenting the Colors for the game were cadet C/LTjg Mancillas, C/PO3 Brodrick, C/SN Barcy, and C/SN Gibboney.

We would like to congradulate this group of colorguard members on a job well done presenting the American flag; C/LTjg Mancillas, the Ohio State flag; C/SN Barcy, and presenting rifles C/PO3 Brodrick (right rifle) and C/SN Gibboney (left rifle).  Sadly the end of the game revealed a loss for the Dragons. The final score was West Michagin 9 and Dayton 1.   This was the first time the Greenville NJROTC Cadets have presented the Colors for the Dragons.  

Morning Practices

TO ALL NJROTC cadets: there is practice every morning Monday - Friday be at the school at 6:45 AM. Here are the practices:

Monday: Unarmed IDR, Tuesday: Armed IDR, Wednesday: Armed Exhibition, Thursday: Color Guard, Friday: Unarmed Exhibition.

All Cadets that are interested in being a part of the Drill Teams is encouraged to attend.  We need you there.  

Parris Island 2014

 On February 14th selected NJROTC cadets left for Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot South Carolina.

Six males and six females went on a 13 hour drive to warmer weather and a place filled with Americas next warriors.

The students started the day at 0500 marching to chow then moving on to what was planned accompanied by Seargant Allen, Captain Denman, and another chaperone.

The cadets went through a few obstical courses, a few events in the Crucible  and an electronic rifle range. Ending the trip with a walk on the beach and morning colors.

Area 3 & More

Saturday, March 5th 2011 Greenville NJROTC competed in the annual Area 3 West Drill meet placing 6th overall 4th in Armed Drill led by Petty Officer First Class Kody Roark, 8th in Armed Exhibition also led by Kody Roark, placing 7th in Unarmed Exhibition led by  Cadet Lieutenant Commander Chelsea Buzard, 7th in Unarmed Drill commanded by Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer Colten Forte, 6th in Color Guard led by Cadet Lieutenant Commander Jessica Bowers, 8th in Physical Fitness, 9th in Academics, and 8th in Inspection.


Also, changing our chain of command during the competition making Ben Mendenhall our Executive Officer and Maggie Pepple Our Commanding Officer. In the mix of everything we passed on the position of CMC to our Unarmed Drill commander Colten Forte.

Northmont Drill Competition

On Saturday, October 16, 2010 Northmont High School of Clayton Ohio held a Drill competition. The competition was an all day event covering Unarmed Drill and Armed Drill which could have been performed by a squad of 6 cadets or a platoon of 9 or 12 cadets.  There were also Inspection, Color Guard, Marksmanship, a Physical Fitness test and an Academics test.

Greenville took Second Place over all at the Northmont Drill meet. They also took Second Place in Unarmed Platoon, Armed Drill, Physical Fitness, Academics, and Marksmanship.

The Commanders were C/CDR Chelsea Buzard of Unarmed Platoon, C/LTJG Dustin Frederick of Armed Drill, C/SCPO Chris Fenstermaker of Physical Fitness, and C/PO2 Joey Adams of Marksmanship. Congratulations are finally in order to the members of all the teams that practiced hard and participated in the drill meet. Your hard work paid off.

Friday Night Colorguard

On Friday, the third of Septemeber, the Greenville Varsity football team hosted a home game against Tipp City. Presenting Colors for the home game were cadet Chad Denman, cadet Cody Boyd, cadet Elizabeth Trepanier, and cadet Tyler Potter. Commanding Officer of Colorguard this week was cadet Chelsea Buzard.

We would like to congradulate this group of colorguard members on their job well done presenting the American flag; cadet Buzard, the Ohio State flag; cadet Boyd, the Naval flag; cadet Trepanier, and presenting rifles cadet Denman (right rifle) and cadet Potter (left rifle).

Sadly the end of the game revealed a loss for the Green Wave. The final score was Tipp City's 23 to Greenville's zero. Here's to better luck and plays next time, Wave. Good luck at Findlay on the tenth.

Upcoming Events

Girls Basketball (Tippecanoe)
Dec 12, 2018 at 1830-2030
Boys Basketball (Tippecanoe)
Dec 14, 2018 at 1915-2100
Game Night
Dec 17, 2018 at 1500-1630
Dec 18, 2018 at 1745-2000
Girls Basketball (Sidney)
Dec 19, 2018 at 1830-2030
Fish Fry
Dec 21, 2018 at 1530-1930
Boys Basketball (coldwater
Dec 22, 2018 at 1915-2100

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  • Colorguard Team
  • Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team
  • Armed Exhibition Drill Team
  • Marksmanship Team
  • Physical Training Team
  • Academic Team
  • Orienteering Team


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